Fresh pasta

Flour, wine, water and a few eggs; questa è la ricetta che le mamme e le nonne del nostro paese utilizzano da anni per la pasta fatta in casa ed è la medesima ricetta che abbiamo scelto di proporre nel nostro ristorante. The pigments naturally contained in spinach, beetroot and black ink not only give color to the mix a curious look but enrich the precious pulp antioxidants. The handwork and drawing in the noodles or pasta noodles to give an extraordinary ability to blend with fish sauce dishes, creating the most harmonious and comprehensive, provare per credere.

Flour, wine, water and few eggs. This is the recipe that the mothers and grandmothers of this village have always used to make pasta and is the one we decided to use in our restaurant. The natural pigments contained in spinach, beetroot and cuttlefish ink give to the dough a interesting colour and enrich pasta with important skin scavengers. The hand-made preparation and the cutting into tagliolini or tagliatelle give pasta a good binding capacity with fish sauces, thus creating harmonious and complete dishes. Try to believe!

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The Old Man and the Sea

"It was an old man who fished alone on a boat ... Everything about him was old except his eyes were the color of the sea and were cheerful and indomitable. ... The old man had taught the boy to fish and the boy loved him. ...They sat on the terrace ... When the wind came from east, by the establishment for the smell came through the port; but today it felt only slightly because the wind had backed to the north and then it was muffled and the terrace was good and the sun was shining."
The spirit of our club.. taken from "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway

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