The Local

La Trattoria “Dal Billy” conserves and rediscovers the image of the fisherman once “fishing” not only the tastes and smells of the sea, local cuisine, but also the flavors of the land between the terraces. Three generations of fishermen and an excellent cook cook and serve at the tables of the products one of the most beautiful villages of the 5 Land that has preserved traditions and simplicity. Magically transformed into alchemists terramare, the group will offer you a splendid welcome by giving you a fruity drink, cooking the fish of the day and garden products, offering fresh pasta and homemade desserts, transported to the magical atmosphere Manarola through the stories of their adventures and making you dive into a landscape of contrasting colors and feelings, from the sea to the mountain, that you can enjoy inside and outside the restaurant.

La Trattoria “Dal Billy” is located at the top of Manarola and consists of three levels “terrace”: two conference rooms and a large open space where you can admire the sea, the village and the hill with gardens. A stone staircase surrounded by lush gardens and lemon trees will lead you in different environments.

La vista mozzafiato che si gode dalla notra terrazza e dalle finestre delle sale interne sarĂ  la ciliegina sulla torta del vostro pranzo o della vostra cena alla “TRATTORIA DAL BILLY”

The Old Man and the Sea

"It was an old man who fished alone on a boat ... Everything about him was old except his eyes were the color of the sea and were cheerful and indomitable. ... The old man had taught the boy to fish and the boy loved him. ...They sat on the terrace ... When the wind came from east, by the establishment for the smell came through the port; but today it felt only slightly because the wind had backed to the north and then it was muffled and the terrace was good and the sun was shining."
The spirit of our club.. taken from "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway

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