The dessert

The attention given to the choice of raw materials is not affected in the case of sweet, that will be a wonderful conclusion to a memorable meal; in the menu you will find the great classics such as: chocolate cake, semifreddo, tiramisu and many other proposals in relation to the seasonality of raw materials and extraction of our pastry chef.

Our care in the selection of the best ingredients is not less with desserts, which must be the perfect ending of an unforgettable meal. Our menu features great classic desserts such as: chocolate cake, parfait, tiramisù and other desserts prepared according to the season and the inspiration of our confectioner.

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The Old Man and the Sea

"It was an old man who fished alone on a boat ... Everything about him was old except his eyes were the color of the sea and were cheerful and indomitable. ... The old man had taught the boy to fish and the boy loved him. ...They sat on the terrace ... When the wind came from east, by the establishment for the smell came through the port; but today it felt only slightly because the wind had backed to the north and then it was muffled and the terrace was good and the sun was shining."
The spirit of our club.. taken from "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway

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